Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Dystopian Society

The Hunger Games trilogy is classified by literature as a Dystopian society, i.e. a utopia gone wrong. The key element of a Dystopian society is that they value stability above all else. During Dr. Carpenters lecture, we discussed the six key factors in a dystopian society including sacrifice, loss of freedom, loss of rights, deception, propaganda, and government control. Throughout The Hunger Games trilogy, all of these elements are clearly displayed.
Sacrifice relates to each district having to involuntarily produce a tribute annually at the reaping ceremony. Loss of freedom is incorporated for each district with the electric fence surrounding each district keeping them from contacting other districts. Loss of rights focuses on the citizens living in the districts, especially in the poorer ones like 12 where they do not have the basic human rights that we have in our modern day society. Deception is discussed heavily in Mockingjay when Katniss and the people of Panem find out about district 13. President Snow did not want the districts knowing about the surviving rebels living in 13. Propaganda is also heavily used all throughout all of the books but is first seen at the reaping ceremony in the first book with the clip of why the hunger games are necessary which is played at the reaping ceremony. Lastly, government control is the basis of the entire series. There is a powerful man, President Snow, who acts as the leader of the country and controls all aspects of it. All trade goes through the Capitol so they are able to regulate what goes in and out of the districts, and control how much they need to rely on the Capitol.

Henthorne mentions in his article how Collins presents “Katniss’s dystopia on a personal level rather than a political one.” In books such as 1984 by George Orwell, the main focus is the political aspect of the dystopian society and how what is happening in politics has changed the society. In the Hunger Games, Collins is able to examine both how the society has changed through a political view and the reign of President Snow, but also how Katniss’s personal life has been affected by it.
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