Sunday, May 3, 2015


This semester, my favorite class was this SIS about the Hunger Games. All throughout the semester we were able to incorporate aspects of different disciplines such as sociology and philosophy and I really liked how such a narrow topic was broadened. I really liked learning about the gender roles in Dr. Raley's lecture and how they were applied to the hunger games. I also really liked Dr. Baron's lecture about the nature of evil. His lecture made me think about certain decisions that I had recently made and how every decision one makes truly affects more than themselves. 

My favorite supplemental book was the "Hunger Games Companion" because of the layout of the book. It was an easy read and I liked how it referenced so many connections to the books from other cultures and ideas. I wish I had spent more time reading all of the supplemental articles on blackboard since they were so heavily discussed in class and most of the time I just read them quick the night before. I did like how in the beginning of the semester we had time to fully read the books. I had previously read them all when they first came out and was happy I had time to reread them again. I wish we could have spent more time discussing more specifics about the books and going in depth more about certain important scenes but the group work on questions at the beginning of class helped highlight the major moments in the books.

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